{CM} 1/52 | Selfie

I’ve decided to play along with the 52 week project at Clickin Moms. CM is a fantastic, supportive community and I think this is going to be a great learning experience. Each week, I’ll take a picture in response to a prompt and share at the forums and on my blog. Some of the other photographers working on the prompt are blogging too and we’re going to link together in a blog circle.

This week’s prompt was a bit of a trial by fire – a selfie! Both technically and emotionally this one was a bit of a trial for me. I’m not a huge fan of being on this side of the lens and it’s so awkward to set up a shot and then have to get in the frame. I do think it’s important to get myself in the family albums but I usually just get my husband or daughter to take the picture which just feels more normal! In addition to that, getting the angles, lighting and focus right while hopping back and forth to do the self-timer was a bit of a faff!

So anyway, here’s my shot. I’m thinking a series of me doing stuff that I do would be a fun project (if I get past the awkwardness!) so here’s me editing at my desk:

jan 5 | desk selfie

I’ll be back next week with my shot for prompt 2 barring wierd occurrences, but if you’d like to see my weekly faves from my everyday shooting (crazily attempting a 365 too!) I post those on Tuesday evenings (GMT).

Your next stop in the blog circle is with LaShawn at Everyday Eyecandy.


6 thoughts on “{CM} 1/52 | Selfie

  1. You have some nice light in your workspace. I have large windows to my right so I’d have to do a back-lit shot, but you inspired me to try it sometime. I like your plan to do a series. Thanks for joining the blog circle!


  2. Hey Jude (sorry but I couldn’t resist. Do you hate that or not mind it?) –

    This is a compelling portrait with the backlight and the light hitting your face from the computer. I too am attempting a 365 (outside of Clickin Moms), but I’m hoping the P52 will help with that. I hope your series of things that you do pans out, it sounds intriguing. Looking forward to getting to know you better.


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